Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Budget Crisis Averted, California Democrats Propose New Spending

Now that California has successfully patched its $26 billion budget deficit and the state is back on track toward prosperity, the Democrat-controlled Legislature is reviving bills rejected by Conan the Barbarian, in the hopes that they'll have new life now that a Democrat occupies the Governor's office. These include new subsidies for renewable energy and college student aid for illegal immigrants, as well as a host of regulations pertaining to farmworker unionization, pesticides, smoking, and body piercing, over 60 bills in all. The LA Times has the story here.

It's a good thing that the state doesn't have massive budget deficits or gargantuan unfunded pension liabilities anymore. If it did, we'd have to conclude that our Legislature is so hopelessly fixated on pork and controlling private behavior that it's willfully ignoring the absolute disaster on the horizon.


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