Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Much Money Did Robert Rizzo Steal, Anyway?

Today brings us more news from the LA County city of Bell, where there appears to be no end to the revelations of corrupt dealings by Robert Rizzo, the disgraced ex-City Administrator, and his colleagues. The latest? Apparently Rizzo set up a secret pension fund for himself and his chief deputy, Angela Spaccia, above and beyond their state pension and a second city-level pension. Because this special fund covered only two people, Rizzo and Spaccia were able to evade IRS regulations capping these pensions. The total amount in this fund? $4.5 million.

Next up for Bell's new City Council: trying to get at that money to help cover the city's $13 million budget shortfall. (That's right, Bell taxpayers: get to the back of the line!) But we're really starting to wonder how many other schemes Rizzo had going to enrich himself at taxpayer expense. At this point all the revelations remind us of the uncashed paychecks Manny Ramirez allegedly left in his locker in Boston; how many more "secret funds" are lying around in Bell?


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