Friday, April 29, 2011

LA Traffic Cops to Porn Star: We'll Do to You What Our Pensions Do to the Taxpayers

Just in time for the weekend, a light-hearted reminder that government employees don't always have public service in mind when they're at work. The LA Times reports that two Los Angeles traffic cops have been suspended pending an investigation into their conduct on the job. At issue: their participation in a pornographic video while on duty.

We're assuming you were expecting a different type of picture.
Apparently the video, available on an adult website, shows an actress approaching the two traffic cops, who were in uniform and on-duty, and includes lewd acts performed in their city-owned car. The investigation was sparked by a report from KNBC Channel 4, which has been looking into the allegations for some time, and the Department of Transportation has now put them on administrative leave while it looks into the matter. Although they weren't as interested in looking into the matter two months ago when they first became aware of it; the officers were not disciplined at the time.

The DOT has been under fire recently for lax collection of parking-ticket fees. Guess now we have a better idea of the kinds of distractions they're dealing with.


  1. Link to the porn video?

  2. Alas, no. It's apparently only available on a subscription-only site.

  3. Sadly, this is the least appalling story involving the LAPD this year.

  4. Well, traffic cops are technically part of LADOT, not LAPD. So, a better way to view this is: the appalling behavior of LAPD officers is metastasizing to other parts of municipal government in Los Angeles.