Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Modern Blogging: New Ways to Follow Golden State Liberty

We've been thrilled with the response thus far to this blog; our sincere thanks to everyone who's visited this site since we got started last month. Up till now, Golden State Liberty has had a decidedly low-tech, 1990s feel to it. Well, as of this week, there are now some new ways to follow us. These include:
  • Follow Golden State Liberty on Twitter. Fans of this ungodly-addictive microblogging site can now receive tweets every time a new post appears on the blog
  • Subscribe via RSS, if you want to go old-school
  • Subscribe via email. That's right; if you don't have time to browse through a blog during the day, you can now have the day's Golden State Liberty news delivered right to your inbox
We'd say that our Facebook page is under construction, but that's not quite accurate. When TheFacebook finally works out the bugs that make it impossible to import a blog to a fan page, we'll be on Facebook. Until then, not so much.


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