Friday, May 6, 2011

The Bell Tolls for California's Lawsuit Against Rizzo and Friends

The LA Times reported late yesterday that Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Ralph Dau has thrown out California's lawsuit against Robert Rizzo and seven other former Bell officials.

Where's the love, Ralph Dau?

The suit, launched by then-Attorney General Jerry Brown, had requested restitution to the city from the defendants, who had given themselves exorbitant salaries, pensions, and loans for years. In his ruling, Dau stated that the behavior of the ex-Bell officials "may be remiss, but it is not actionable in civil court". In other words, lawmakers can't be sued for passing laws to award themselves high salaries.

While Rizzo and the rest aren't off the hook for criminal charges of misappropriating funds, the civil ruling is certainly another blow to those seeking justice in the Bell fiasco. And just another reminder to never, ever trust your government too much.


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