Tuesday, May 17, 2011

California Assembly Passes Bill Criminalizing "Open Carry"

The terrible threat of open carry in action.
Monday was a busy day for the California State Assembly. In addition to approving one assault on California's taxpayers and another on its agriculture economy, they also approved Assemblyman Anthony Portantino's bill making "open carry" of handguns a criminal offense. Open carry is the practice of openly displaying unloaded firearms; in other words, a peaceful display of civil liberties protected by the Second Amendment. As such, it shouldn't be a surprise that California Democrats want to ban it. Portantino's bill would "make it a misdemeanor to display an unloaded handgun in a public place or on a public street in a city or in prohibited areas of unincorporated county land," one carrying a maximum penalty of $1,000 and six months in jail. It contains a number of exceptions; interestingly, open carry of rifles isn't affected.

AB 144 now heads to the Senate. For his part, Gov. Brown hasn't announced a position. In our eyes, of course, the bill is less about public safety and more about further stigmatizing gun ownership in California.


  1. Move to Arizona. I grew up in SoCal and my dad was a Redondo Beach cop for 29 years. I moved to Tucson a week efore 9/11 and my wife and I both regularly open carry here. We also have Conceal Carry Permits, but it's nice to have the option.
  2. That sounds really great. It is nice to have the option.
  3. Is this a done deal? Ok the "Assembly" passed it, is it just going to sail through the rest of the process now?
    I have'nt owned a firearm in 30 years but this is sheer crap.
    Jeez I can see that we still have'nt hit bottom; liberalism still runs the show.
    However after 166 years in California for my family I'm not going anywhere...
  4. It's not a done deal; the Senate was supposed to start hearings on it in June, but it got pushed back to August. If it doesn't die there, Jerry Brown would still have to sign it into law.

    And yes, I hear you on leaving.