Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just Another Politician With Everyone's Best Interests At Heart

We were pleased by this late-breaking report that a former candidate for City Council in Thousand Oaks has been sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

It always starts with an overpriced data plan.
According to the LA Times, Daniel Avila was quickly convicted of six counts of making criminal threats and six felony counts of threatening public officials. Apparently, during his unsuccessful candidacy, he hacked into the Verizon wireless network and sent fake text messages to six prosecutors in Ventura County's district attorney's office, attempting to impersonate his opponent. The DA, naturally, filed computer fraud and identity theft charges against him. When jailed on those charges, Avila's responses were calm and measured: he threatened to kill one prosecutor over the phone, and wrote letters to five others, all women, in which he threatened to rape them, to kill them with a fishing knife, and to burn their bodies.

We're glad that this sick f*** will spend the next few years in prison. Of course, knowing what we do about politics, we will cautiously hope that this means the end of his career in elected office as well.


  1. You gotta give him props for his commitment, if not exactly his intelligence. Hmm, what is my best option here? Hire an expensive attorney to obfuscate the facts? Nah, I'll just send some death threats...