Saturday, May 28, 2011

One State Senator's Mission to Destroy California's Economy

The Contra Costa Times brings us the story of a freshman state Senator out to make a name for himself: Democrat Mark DeSaulnier of Concord is currently trying to push 32 bills through the Legislature. Lest you think this ambitious goal is about noble public service, DeSaulnier makes it pretty clear that making a name for himself is his primary objective: "A lot of lawmakers come to Sacramento and they are only interested in making home runs. I'm interested in singles, too." Unfortunately, many of his ideas would have terrible effects on the state's economy, and thus on the welfare of its citizens.

The Times clumsily tries to make these pieces of crap smell better by framing them in DeSaulnier's baseball terminology. The set of terrible bills it calls "home runs" includes SB 201, which would allow corporations the legal right to consider the societal and environmental impacts of business decisions without worrying about the fiduciary interests of shareholders. This sounds like an open invitation to corruption without consequences. Another bill in this group, SB 360, would tighten the already cumbersome regulations associated with sales of prescription painkillers, likely leading to greater harassment of chronically ill individuals and physicians. Finally, DeSaulnier's SB 575 would ban smoking in cigar bars and tobacco shops, a gesture meant clearly to target such businesses and violate their property rights along the way.

Which just goes to show: no one ever went down in history as a great leader by respecting property rights or human freedom.


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