Wednesday, May 25, 2011

San Francisco is not Unique: Santa Monica to Vote on Male Circumcision Ban as Well

Apparently busybody liberals in California have a new preoccupation. We noted last week that an activist group in San Francisco had succeeded in getting a measure to ban male circumcision on the city's November ballot. At the time, it seemed like a somewhat amusing invasion of privacy and yet another embarrassing moment of nanny-statism for California. However, today brings us news that San Francisco is not alone: apparently the same group of activists has gotten their ban measure on the ballot in the city of Santa Monica.

As in San Francisco, the measure would make it a misdemeanor crime, punishable by a fine of $1,000 and up to a year in jail, to perform circumcision on any male aged 18 or younger. No exemptions for religious practice would be permitted. And as in San Francisco, the local Jewish community is fighting the measure, calling it an infringement on their religious practice. In any case, the arrogant paternalism of ban supporters is already becoming nauseating. Santa Monica activist Jena Troutman had this to say about the related issues of hygiene and transmission of sexual diseases: "If you raise your child to be smart and practice safe sex," circumcision is unnecessary. "If you're raising a dumb kid who won't use a condom, then go ahead and cut off two-thirds of his nerve endings and one-half of his penile skin." Well, except that you want to take away the parents' right to decide the best interests of their child, because you think they should suffer if they don't behave in a way that's acceptable to you.


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