Thursday, July 21, 2011

BREAKING: Los Angeles Traffic Cop Fired for Porn Film Appearance, Co-Star Keeps His City Job

We'd almost forgotten about this story: while the Gold Card Desk and lax parking enforcement have gotten more headlines, one of the strangest scandals going on at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation concerns two traffic cops who, apparently, participated in a pornographic film while on duty. When the film appeared on an adult website three months ago, a disciplinary investigation was launched, and today the LA Times is reporting that officer John Dancler (a great porn name) was fired on Monday for what the Civil Service Commission called "misconduct on the job and in uniform" and "indecent acts."

Yes, this is apparently a clip from the film.

This is a family website, so we won't describe what those "indecent acts" were, but the Commission's Executive Director, Bruce Whidden, did provide the Times with some detail. Dancler had worked for LADOT for 23 years, and is appealing his firing. The other officer who appeared in the film, Vaughn Dorsey (also a great porn name), still works for the department. So, in case you're wondering how hard it is to lose a government job, apparently it's okay for a cop to appear, in uniform and in a city patrol car, in a pornographic film while on duty. As long as he's not too indecent about it. And even if he is too indecent about it, he still gets a chance to explain to a city commission how he was fired without cause. You stay classy, Los Angeles.

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