Saturday, July 9, 2011

BREAKING: "Phonehenge West" Creator Sent to Jail

Well, it's official: in Los Angeles County, you can be imprisoned for building code violations. The LA Times is reporting that Alan Kimble Fahey, a resident of the Antelope Valley community of Acton and the creator of a massive labyrinth of a home he calls "Phonehenge West," was sent to jail yesterday by an LA County Superior Court judge.

As we wrote last month, when Fahey was convicted of nine misdemeanor counts including "maintenance of un-permitted properties" and "unlawful use of land," we're appalled that the County is actually going to imprison someone for building a house on their own land. You might think it's ugly, but is this really worth depriving a retired old man of his freedom?

Our thoughts on why the county is going to such lengths to enforce building codes in the high desert are here. Also, we're guessing that Attorney Richard Fine and Cal Watchdog will be less than surprised that a County Superior Court judge ruled in the County's favor here.

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