Monday, July 18, 2011

Curt Pringle Wants to Spend More Time With Anyone's Family, As Long As It Means Leaving HRSA

The decline of high speed rail in California, specifically of the catastrophically inept High Speed Rail Authority, advanced another step today: former Assembly speaker, Anaheim mayor, and sucker for green-energy conmen Curt Pringle has resigned his post on HRSA's board. Pringle has chaired the board for the past two years, and in the estimation of the Legislative Analyst's Office, the University of California at Berkeley, a joint investigation by California Watch and the Orange County Register, state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, PR giant Ogivly Public Relations Worldwide, and HRSA's own peer review group, he's done a heckuva job. According to reports, Pringle wants to "focus my attention on my company and my other responsibilities." He also commented, somewhat cryptically, that Jerry Brown will now "have the ability to appoint someone to reflect his point of view." Either way, we wish him well and commend him for abandoning this sinking ship ahead of schedule.

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