Monday, July 4, 2011

Modern Blogging: Other Ways to Follow Golden State Liberty

We're thrilled at the response we've gotten to this blog since it got started in March. To all of you who follow us regularly, we offer our sincere thanks. Nonetheless, if you're not the type that enjoys following a blog the traditional way, Golden State Liberty has you covered.
  • We've enabled the mobile-browsing capability in Blogger. So, typing into your phone's browser should now direct you to a mobile page that's optimized for small-screen reading. Perfect for reading on the train, at the pub, or during your breaks at work.
  • You can follow Golden State Liberty on Twitter. Thanks to the miracle of RSS, Twitter followers get our blog posts in their feeds just seconds after they're first posted on the website.
  • You can follow Golden State Liberty on Facebook. Our fan page is up and running, so hitting "Like" on the page will cause our posts to show up on your Wall.
  • Email and RSS subscriptions are also available.
Enjoy, and please let your friends know about us.

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