Wednesday, July 6, 2011

San Francisco: Thanks for the Money, Coke. Now F**k Off.

It has to be tough being San Francisco sometimes. On one hand, you hate private enterprise and all the unhealthy, dangerous, indulgent products it brings to your citizens. On the other hand, you need money from private enterprise to fund your Marxist paradise by the sea. A case in point is provided today by the Bay Citizen, which reports on the $250,000 donation the city's Parks and Recreation Department just received from the Coca Cola Co. The donation is part of Coke's "Live Positively" program, and will help the city's parks buy new sports equipment and improve the trail system in Golden Gate Park. Former mayor and current Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom praised the soda company, saying, "When someone steps up, you’ve got to be grateful." And a young skateboarder at the park where the donation was being commemorated said, "Coke is awesome!"

But, but, but . . . isn't this the city that banned McDonald's Happy Meals? Aren't they willing to do everything they can to fight obesity? And there's the rub. San Francisco might have tried and failed to put a tax on sodas as recently as 2007, and its Department of Public Health might be celebrating its fourth straight Soda-Free Summer, encouraging youngsters with slogans like "Drink Water!" and "Rethink Your Drink." But it's doing so with the Coca Cola logo on its Parks Trust website.

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