Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thirty Days of Hell: Bell Hires Another Interim City Manager

For those of who were worried (you know who you are), the troubled Los Angeles County city of Bell has found a short-term replacement for its first short-term replacement for disgraced ex-City Manager Robert Rizzo. According to the LA Times, the former city manager of San Luis Obispo, Ken Hampian, is coming out of retirement to hold the world's most thankless job, City Manager of Bell, for the next 30 days. An experienced hand in the city-government world, Hampian's responsibilities for the next month will include forming a plan that solves the city's $5 million budget deficit and addresses its bond obligations. To do this, he'll have to work with a dysfunctional city council and a town disgusted with politicians. No word on whether he'll be asked to put cover sheets on the TPS reports as well.

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