Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vernon Disincorporation Heads to Full Senate Vote, but Bankruptcy Bill Stalls

When we last left the embattled Los Angeles County town of Vernon, the state Senate's Governance and Finance Committee had approved it, but was insisting on seeing the particulars of Assembly Speaker John Perez's plan, as embodied in AB 781. This appeared to be a nod toward the business and labor interests in Vernon, which both fear the economic impacts of becoming an unincorporated piece of the famously corrupt and incompetently managed county of LA. Democratic Sen. Carol Liu even offered this vote of no confidence in the county's government: "Los Angeles County has a terrible unemployment population, and we can't afford to have the unemployment rise." Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the viability of free enterprise in the county is one of the Legislature's priorities: the Sacramento Bee is reporting that the same committee has approved AB 781. Having cleared committee, this bill and the disincorporation measure, AB 46, will now head to the full Senate for a vote. We hope Los Angeles County enjoys the revenue they'll get to seize from Vernon's businesses next year, because we're guessing it'll be a one-shot deal.

Fortunately, the news is not all bad today. Remember AB 506, the bill that brought together Fremont's arrogant, condescending scumbag Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski and a bunch of union thugs eager to protect their jobs from municipal bankruptcy proceedings? Well, the Bee is also reporting that the same Senate Committee has dealt the bill a serious blow. Apparently, Wieckowski has been instructed to strip out the bill's language and replace it with "intent language." The bill is now a shell that may or may not be acted upon, and Wieckowski will need to come up with something by Friday to keep it alive. By making it more difficult for broke cities to declare bankruptcy, AB 506 is basically a way for unions to screw the taxpayers by making it harder for municipalities to abrogate their contracts in an insolvency proceeding. So, good riddance to bad rubbish if it's truly dead.

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