Monday, August 15, 2011

First Wave of Cyber-Attacks Hit California Government

We noted yesterday that the international hacking group known as Anonymous had threatened to attack the computer systems of BART and the Fullerton Police Department over the deaths of Charles Blair Hill and Kelly Thomas (respectively). Apparently, they haven't wasted time.

The LA Times reports that attacks on the Fullerton police website have (so far) been unsuccessful. According to Sergeant Andrew Goodrich, no disruptions or other signs of sabotage have been detected. BART, however, was not so fortunate. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Anonymous successful hacked the website, a site that provides information on events and discounts to BART riders. They then published the names, passwords, and some addresses and phone numbers of myBART customers on another site. According to the hackers, "Any 8-year-old with an Internet connection could have done what we did to find [members' information]. On top of that, none of the info, including the passwords, was encrypted." The myBART site is run by an outside vendor, and has yet to report any disruptions.

But this isn't all. According to Voice of OC, an unidentified hacker took over the website of Attorney General Kamala Harris. If you went to yesterday, you would've seen a picture of a child holding a sign reading "Peace No War", along with a lot of content in Portuguese that referred to marijuana legalization. The heading on the site read "ANTI-SECURITY BRAZIL", and under the photo were the words "Hacked by huxOx".

While the activities of groups like Anonymous and LulzSec are interesting, we're not fans of their work. The users of did nothing to deserve public disclosure of their personal information without their consent. If you call yourself an anarchist but you don't respect property rights, ultimately you do a disservice to real anarchists.


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