Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just for You, Jerry Brown: Ten Ways In Which Taxes Are Just Like a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Jerry Brown's visit to a clean energy conference in Las Vegas yesterday offered us yet another nugget of the Governor's wit and wisdom. According to the LA Times, the man who brought you the "war of all against all" and the "fuzzy zone that's yet to be transcended" in recent months said that some of his colleagues in Sacramento hold to "the notion that taxes are like some kind of sexually transmitted disease." Well, we actually think this analogy is pretty good, so to help the governor out, here are ten similarities between taxes and venereal diseases:

1. One often brings them up when in Las Vegas.

2. They both cause pain below the belt.

3. You usually end up with them after being lied to about something.

4. The backdoor variety is the worst.

5. Both tend to reduce productivity.

6. If you inflict one on somebody, don't expect them to thank you for it.

7. Once you've got one, it's almost impossible to get rid of.

8. Especially in California, they flare up every few months.

9. They both lead to lots of medical research.

10. The best way to guard against them is for all parties involved to embrace personal responsibility.

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