Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Supporting Business", Jerry Brown-Style

Back in June, we gave Governor Jerry Brown credit for doing a good thing for economic liberty in California, when he vetoed Darrell Steinberg's bill to allow agricultural workers to unionize without a secret ballot. Given the struggles of the state's farms, the last thing they need these days is an explosion in labor costs and an increasingly hostile workforce. Well, today Brown returned to the subject of "card check," and suggested new ways for Sacramento to meddle in the affairs of the state's agriculture employers. Fortunately, the Governor remains opposed to outright card check; less fortunately, he's suggested some alternatives to Steinberg, including changing existing law to reduce the time in which farmers can delay bargaining and to force employers to immediately reinstate workers fired unfairly during unionization drives. Moreover, he indicated that he could be open to making these changes before the session ends on September 9. So, while it looks like Brown is reluctant to sign something as controversial as card check, he's still looking for ways to make nice with the UFW. Which can't be good for California's struggling farmers.


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