Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Day, Another Survey Declaring that California has the Nation's Worst Business Climate

Just in case the 12.1% unemployment rate, the millions of Californians out of work, the stunning absence of new business creation, and the words of many, many people in private industry weren't enough, the Orange County Register reports that yet another survey of business leaders has found that the Golden State has the worst business climate in the country. This time, the survey comes from a New York consulting firm called Development Counsellors International. While California has come in last in each of the company's surveys since 2002, this year it wasn't even close. Over 70% of the business executives polled claimed that California was a terrible place to operate in; the second-worst state, New York, got this response from just 47% of executives. More specifically, 40% of respondents cited our high taxes; 23% cited high costs; and 36% cited regulations. The last of these appears to be a special concern of companies in California. Insofar as 46% of executives said that they'd consider voting with their feet in the next two years, Sacramento might want to start taking their concerns seriously. Unsurprisingly, Texas once again took the top spot as the best state for business, followed by both Carolinas, Tennessee, and Florida.

The full report from Development Counsellors is here.


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