Friday, November 18, 2011

Attention Silicon Valley Libertarians: James Altucher to Speak at Santa Clara University

If you're a libertarian in the Bay Area looking for something to do next Monday evening, you might want to check this out: James Altucher is giving a lecture at Santa Clara University. Fans of Lew Rockwell's website will recognize him as a frequent contributor and sometimes guest on Lew's podcasts. An internet entrepreneur and a veteran financial writer for outlets like The Financial Times,, and Seeking Alpha, James is the author of the Altucher Confidential blog, one of the most entertaining and compelling things on the web these days, as well as a new book called I Was Blind But Now I See. It's hard to say what the subject of his talk will be, but it's likely to cover entrepreneurship, creativity, money, and personal happiness.

The talk is at 6 pm Monday, in Weigand Room 102 of Santa Clara's Arts and Sciences Building. Details are available through the Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs' San Jose Facebook page.

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